Cash Returns to Shareholders

Cash Returns to Shareholders

The IGO Board adopted a capital allocation policy that prioritises growth while also returning cash to shareholders. Investments in growth include a sustained commitment to exploration and discovery, both brownfields and greenfields, as well as investing to develop or acquire new mining properties.

Shareholder returns include both (i) the expected increase in the underlying value of the Company’s shares resulting from the growth and existing activities, and (ii) return of capital to shareholders by way of consistent franked or unfranked dividends, special dividends and/or share buybacks.

The Board has adopted a new Cash Returns to Shareholders policy to target the return of 15 to 25 per cent of free cash flow to shareholders with the policy to be reviewed every two years based on financial results, outlook for commodity prices, long term growth capital requirements for the business and balance sheet strength.

Please refer to IGO's Half Year and Annual Results announcements on the ASX Announcements page for full details on dividend payments, franking and record dates. 


IGO would like to acknowledge and pay respects to Traditional Owner groups whose land we are privileged to work on, and whose input and guidance we seek and value within the operation of our business. We acknowledge the strong, special physical and cultural connections to their ancestral lands.



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